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Sound Archivist, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York (since 2016)
PhD/Doctorat from École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in "Musique, Histoire, Sociétés" (Centre de Recherches Historiques - Centre d'Etudes Juives), 2021.
Team member of the Klezmer Archive Project and the KMDMP Project

P u b l i c a t i o n s

Yiddish Wedding Hop: The Archives of Song Collector Ruth Rubin

Eléonore Biezunski, Lorin Sklamberg, "Yiddish Wedding Hop: The Archives of Song Collector Ruth Rubin"

July 10, 2019 | Smithsonian's Folklife online Magazine


YIVO's Ruth Rubin Legacy online exhibit (project coordinator)

The Ruth Rubin Legacy highlights the renowned vocalist and scholar's collection of over 1,700 Yiddish songs performed by some of the most extraordinary traditional singers of the 20th century, including Rubin herself. The 78rpm acetate discs, reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes recorded by Rubin between 1946 and the 1970s are in the process of being painstakingly re-assembled and are made truly accessible here for the first time. Ruth Rubin's entire life's work can be found on this site: field recordings, lectures, concerts, radio interviews, videos, manuscripts and published materials. ruthrubin.yivo.org

Book chapter / article

"Miroirs des mémoires : Der Teater Shpigl, une revue théâtrale yiddish parisienne de l'après-guerre", in. Judith Lindenberg (dir.), Premiers savoirs de la Shoah, CNRS Editions, Paris, 2017.

Book chapter / article

"East Side Story. Mémoires sédimentées de l’expérience migratoire juive à New York à travers une chanson yiddish" in. Marianne Amar, Hélène Bertheleu, Laure Teulières (dirs.), Mémoires des migrations, temps de l'histoire, Presses Universitaires François Rabelais, Paris, 2015.

Reissue of archival recordings

"Musiques juives dans le Paris d’après guerre, Elesdisc 1948-1953" • "Jewish Music in Paris in the Aftermath of WWII" Coffret de 6 CD/6 CDs set - Ed. by E. Biezunski, L. Couderc & H. Roten, Éditions de l'Institut Européen des Musiques Juives, Paris, 2015.

Unpublished article (2016)

"Creating Songs in a Multi-Cultural Context: 'Felker Yontev' at Camp Boiberik"

Article written in 2016 following conference “Jewish Music and Jewish Identity” at Youngstown University, Ohio, October 2014 (unpublished).

Listen to the talk "Creating Songs in Boiberik: Singing Peace at 'Felker Yontev'" given at YIVO on Thursday Mar 26, 2015 as part of the Max Weinreich Fellowship Lecture

Book review

Biezunski, E. (2016). And We're All Brothers: Singing in Yiddish in Contemporary North America. 2013. Abigail Wood. Surrey/Burlington: Ashgate. 205 pp. MUSICultures, 42 (2).

Retrieved from https://journals.lib.unb.ca/index.php/MC/article/view/24452/28307

Translated from English to French

Underwood, Nick. “La France et l’Exposition internationale de 1937 au prisme de la presse yiddish.” Translated by Eléonore Biezunski. Archives Juives Vol. 51, no. 1 (April 6, 2018): 75–92.

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R e c e n t   c o n f e r e n c e s   a n d   l e c t u r e s

#DHJewish 2021 Jewish Studies in the Digital Age • "Out of the Box and Onto the Web: The Ruth Rubin Legacy Online Exhibition" • Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History - C²DH (online) • 1/14/2020


Symposium "The Legacies of Russian-Jewish Musical Ethnographies" • Yiddish New York (online) • 12/30/2020

AJS Conference • "The archive as a living space: klezmer “revival” in the YIVO Sound Archive” • panel Jewish Music: From Preservation to Transformation moderated by Marsha Dubrow • Washington, DC (online) • 12/13/2020

A w a r d s ,   G r a n t s   &   F e l l o w s h i p s

Klezkanada/Mc Gill University • Fellowship: Teaching Assistant • Summer 2018

Folk Art Apprenticeship • with Joshua WaletzkyCenter for Traditional Music and Dance • NYSCA • 2017

Klezkanada • Scholarship • Summer 2016

Joseph Kremen Memorial Fellowship • YIVO Institute for Jewish Research • 2014-2015


Fondation Alice et Fernand Halphen • Bourse Yuval - musiques juives • 2014-2015


Jewish Music Forum • Travel grant • Conference "Jewish Music and Jewish Identity" • Youngstown University, Ohio • Oct 2014


Other Music Academy • Yiddish Summer Weimar • "New Yiddish Culture" • Summer 2014


Klezkanada • Scholarship • Summer 2014


Bourse "Aires culturelles" • Formation doctorale "Histoire", EHESS • 2014


Aide au terrain • Commission de la scolarité, EHESS • 2014


Bourse doctorale • Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah • 2011-2013


Bourse d'étude • Fondation du judaïsme français • 2010-2011